Planting Hope

Educational Program, as part of the civil support for times of emergency

The Ecological Greenhouse at Ein Shemer

Dear Friends,

The past few weeks have marked the most devastating and horrific events in Israeli history. The brutal attack of Hamas has left us all deeply wounded and hurting.  Now, we are in the process of picking up the pieces, standing up, and fighting for our security here in Israel.

Alongside the military front, the civil front is highly engaged in making its contribution to the national effort, and so are we, here at the Ecological Greenhouse.  

Within this new reality, we have established an educational program called “Planting Hope”, designed to assist evacuated and displaced communities, families and children from the south and north sections of the country.  Our dedicated and professional teaching staff bring toolkits and expansive knowledge in running on-going and meaningful educational programs to children and families who had been placed at centers and in Kibbutzim across the country.

The Greenhouse specializes in creating on-going educational programs that combine science, active experience, hands-on experimentation, agriculture and sustainability. As the expectation is that families will remain in alternative living situations until the end of the school year, it is vitally important to create a continuous learning experience, in which children and teachers get to know one another and build a strong foundation, success upon success.

We have established a model for a continuous program with hands-on learning, designed especially for communities of evacuated families. This model can be replicated and used in many communities.

We are reaching out for immediate help in funding activities for this educational program.  Funding will be used for the sole purpose of operating the program, assisting residents evacuated from the south and north of the country, for purchase of educational supplies and to cover transportation costs.  Any support will help us reach more communities and more children.

If you are interested in donating, you can do so by: 

Transferring your donation directly through our website (will be available soon), or by contacting us at:, 052-6002294

Let’s give children, families, and communities new opportunities for “Planting Hope”.   

Avital Geva,

General Manager, Ecological Greenhouse at Ein Shemer

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